Some odd and some not so odd spaces

Posted on Mon, 31 Oct 2011 by KiM

I’ve got about 5 minutes to get this post ready as I REALLY must get back to studying (although I’m thinking that at this point, stabbing myself in the eye with a dull spoon would be SOOOO much more interesting). Luckily Jo has agreed to post for me tomorrow and Wednesday while I cram my brains out. So I quickly went looking into my folder of goodies and came across more photos I had saved from the Israeli site bvd back when I had found this overly industrial apartment. There was a gamut of spaces – from totally odd to modern and cool. Here is a bit of both – odd first, not so odd after the jump.


/\ says:

love the 'chair' in the photo 3 up from bottom… source, pls?

Amalia says:

That black bathroom is so '80's! I can just picture the party migrating in there.

Gilda says:

Bonne chance pour ton examen, Kim!
A reader from Montreal who greatly appreciates your blog.

oregonbird says:

Remember a few weeks ago, you put up some pics that you felt were the epitome of "decadent" and everyone said 'NO NO NO, those aren't decadent, they're just in bad taste!'? Yeah, so, the first nine pics here? DECADENT. Lovely, lovely decadence. That bedroom? Woof. Skirting the edge, but still doesn't tip into 'just bad taste', because they stuck to black&white. I'm hoping the chandalier really *is* as massive as the bed! I'm pretty sure I can reproduce that kitchen (near enough) with tin ceiling tiles and a trip to my local nursery… let's test that theory~!

Sammy says:

The not so odd stuff is just plain boring in comparision. I'll see you in the bathroom Amalia. Fabulous!

San says:

Those "odd" spaces are truly fabulous. I'd want to live in those places, except for the place in the first 2 pics. Agreeing with Sammy the modern stuff is boring compared to the odd stuff.

Have a fabulous weekend.

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