It’s November. Too soon for Christmas?

Posted on Tue, 1 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

I know. I know. But I couldn’t help it when I saw this wonderful wreath on photographer Virginia MacDonald’s website. Go on yell at me for mentioning the “X” word but it will probably take you 2 months to weave this 😛 Lots of lovely lovely photography lolly on Ms MacDonald’s site. That’s why she is one of Canada’s leading photographers. (Kim’s previous post on Virginia MacDonald here.)

Yayyy on to Christmas! Love this post 🙂

michelle says:

Target and Wal-Mart started putting Christmas stuff out in September. At least you waited until after Halloween.

rooth says:

The stores here put up x-mas decorations over two weeks ago. Xmas lights on palm trees – really festive…

Nadine says:

We don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving so the lead up to Christmas doesn't kill any other festivities for me. However it definitely depends on how excessive it is. This post, for example, is more about the talented Virginia MacDonald than in your face Christmas overkill & it's an exciting glimpse at the fun to come. If I saw the main street decorated in tinsel this early, I'd be a little weird-ed out. lol! I recently did a Christmas ( what to buy) post and didn't think twice about it, (If you don't want to hear about Christmas yet, fair enough….don't go to a post that has Christmas in the title…) I've planned other celebrations for months and not got sick of them as the excitement slowly builds up until the main event and I can enjoy it because I'm organised. If you're not preparing for Christmas now then surely your Christmas celebrations are smaller than mine….. ?? Going to link now. Ciao. 🙂

Alyssa says:

I don't think it's too early to start thinking about how we are going to decorate for Christmas. Crafts take time and we can't just save all the work for December. So bring on the inspiration and I'll start decorating my house in December. ☺

romy says:

I agree with Nadine and Alyssa. I posted some inspiring pictures for christmas 2 days ago, but is doesn't mean that I will start posting everyday christmas pictures! It's just that I don't plan what I will post in advance … so I ussually post what I like or what it's inspiring me at that right moment when I open my blog. However I keep my home decoration for December 8th as the tradition dictates.
The other hand, If you remove the gifts from the bench, the picture will be just about a nice place to sit down!!! by the way I post some pictures of wreaths back in August from william-sonoma and they were offering this kind wreath in the middle of summer!!!
I forgot to mention we have a christmas store in Buenos Aires that it's open almost all year! Maybe because we don't celebrate Halloween and Thanks giving here, people doesn't complain about x-mas decoration in November jaja.
For me it's just fine!

Shelley says:

Replies are sooo funny to this!
I'm on the Please wait side of things

Sarah says:

I work retail, so Christmas in December is all about the customers. For myself, I like to enjoy the decorations and planning early, when I'm not too exhausted to appreciate it. Thanks for this, lovely.

Christina says:

I don't think it's too early to think about Christmas. In fact, I put up my dang tree yesterday. Normally I would have waited at least until Thanksgiving, but I bought the (fake) tree yesterday and got a really good deal and was very excited so I couldn't help myself, haha. I enjoy Christmas so much that I don't see any issue with getting the feeling going in November. It's such a fun, magical holiday, who can blame us for wanting to prolong that feeling? To me it flows naturally with Thanksgiving so I don't think I'm glossing over the November holiday.

That being said, I totally understand those folks who feel tired of Christmas by the time it arrives because of this. I just don't have that problem. 🙂

Lettia says:

We don't have thanksgiving and Halloween is over so I'm so ready for Christmas now!

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