Who wants to live in Pamela Anderson?

Posted on Wed, 2 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Oh yes indeed you can! This St Kilda West, Melbourne house may almost have as much silicon in its glass facade as Miss Pammie has had surgically implanted herself. Definitely for the die hard fan… oh Die Hard is Bruce Willis isn’t it? Maybe this house down on Port Phillip Bay is called “Baywatch”. OK OK I promise no more puns!

kl says:

At least it's a photo of Pammy and not her twins! They'd have definitely caused too may waves!
x KL

bbt says:

If I remembered correctly, this is a footy's player's home! I'm surpirsed that the council approved this!! LOL

I love this house! Its near mine so I pass it all the time! I'm not a Pammy fan, but I love that its different & interesting!

Michael says:

That was Sam Newman's house if I remember correctly….

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