Paul Raeside update

Posted on Thu, 3 Nov 2011 by KiM

I have been a huge fan of Paul Raeside‘s photography for quite some time (Jo is as well) and always find his work so intriguing. Perfect compositions and OMG how he makes the natural light work in his favour so beautifully. On a side note, when I came across these photos I immediately sent the photo above to my husband, and told him we need to tile something in the new house with those beautiful black matte tiles.

Justyna says:

oh i love that bathroom shot!

Beautiful! I love the natural, un-staged feel of the shots..xx meenal

Judith says:

Oh my god, this pink/purple room is a dream!!!

. says:

A lot of these rooms look like they had one bad element and the designer tried to nice it up. Like that horrendous blue checkerboard floor??/ That red wallpaper?? Ugh. I love the wooden style living room. It's the least cluttered of all the photos. The blue fireplace was pretty interesting too.

polish chick says:

loving that bathroom and the blue fireplace and, very surprisingly, the pale pink room.

in the dark says:

the lamp on the desk — white with a wire base — does anyone where i can find it?

kaylbelle says:

Love the blue at the fireplace.
And wish I had another word besides "pretty" for the pink room w/ pink curtains/drapes…lol but I don't 😉

Anna says:

The perfect mirror on the first photo!
This pink room is a dream! Really

LOVE the photo with the the oriental red wall paper – so striking! Which is your personal favourite?

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