Saturday stalking

Posted on Sat, 5 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

The weekend has once again rolled round. Time to sit in coffee shops, newspaper in hand. Pass me the real estate section please. I wonder what I can’t afford this week. Look! This one is open for inspection. We can drop round before we pick up the groceries. Darlinghurst. THAT close to the centre of Sydney. If only! I wonder if they’d leave behind their collection of art. I love that Ben Quilty skull painting and the contemporary Chinese art is rather good too. I want that little corner with the Chinese console, the grid of art and the marvelous mess of the owner’s favourite pieces. Maybe I can afford that much. Link here while it lasts.

Wow! What a spectacular home! Good thing I live in the U.S. Oh, yeah and can't afford it. ( = So glad to at least get to see it!

Happy for you to have the elm table if I can have those utterly ridickerous lamps on the lacquered one!

kl says:

Oh Jo! This is fantastic! Wish my cheque book didn't just bounce out the door!!! Did you notice the tortise shell firescreen? Swoon! And the art!!! I don't want the house…. I want the contents!!!! Thanks for sharing,
x KL

loulou ste-adele says:

Such a great space. I litterally studied it to find what it is that makes me so impressed. I love the choice of furniture and art pieces and their placement is key. There is a feeling of balance, cohesion and warmth. A lot going on and at the same time everything belongs. And for me, no stark white anywhere but warm colors. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

julie says:

Can anyone guess what that "thing" is lying on the bed? I´m intrigued…

homestilo says:

The outside areas alone are so charming. Also, great are collection.

Lyn says:

absolutely love the decor on your blog!! thanks for sharing:)

kaylbelle says:

I like the skull painting

Jaymie says:

Money well spent – some great art

Scott Livingston says:

I have this insane fantasy where I just pack it all in and move to some exotic new locale. The husband, the baby, and the dog keep my feet firmly planted where I am. Not to mention the sheer nightmare of actually packing it all (a necessary step to packing it all in). Oh, but the fantasy. Thanks for giving me a new locale for my daydreams!

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