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Posted on Mon, 7 Nov 2011 by KiM

I thought those of you looking for a little kitchen inspiration might enjoy the following kitchens from the folks at Dovetail~Workers in Wood. They are based in Hampshire, UK, and obviously take pride in their work and create dream kitchens for each one of their clients. I love the details they’ve included in some of their kitchens – from a compost drawer to a little niche for trays. Check those out after the jump. First up, some kitchens that caught my eye.

Trena says:

absolutely beautiful kitchens. but also absolutely impractical. I studied design, and almost every one broke the fundamental rule of having the sink/stove/fridge within 9 feet of each other. Who wants to walk around a counter from the fridge to the sink multiple times during cooking? Who wants to deal with a hot pot walking around a sharp corner of a countertop to strain water into the sink? Gorgeous, but many owners would hate them after living with them. Beauty means nothing without function, especially in a kitchen.

Shaina says:

wow I am blown away by all these designs. I would love to have any one of the first four kitchens! they are beautiful. and the wooden handles in the last picture… AMAZING! great pictures, thanks so much for posting them! you truly have a gift.

Wonderful ideas, as usual, :). I especially like the drawers, all of them.

Sarah says:

My heart leapt when I opened this page! I love the compost drawer. One quick wipe and all is in the tray. The storage solutions are phenomenal and I love the safety light at the stair. Great ideas and great workmanship.

Molly says:

These are awesome kitchens, and believe me…they're definitely eye candy for me, but they make me so jealous!! I can't wait for the day that I get to remodel my kitchen and be the decision maker for each and every detail. Thanks for the "dream power" and inspiration. Great post!

This kitchen is perfectly managed as it seems every aspect has been considered correctly before designing this space. I specially liked the drawers used for cutlery and spices. Which is better than use spice racks.

Stevie says:

The first shot is absolutely gorgeous! I definitely want my kitchen to look like that and those handles on the last shot! OMG 😀

Hillary says:

Is that a zebra wood veneer on those cabinets in that one pic?? LUST! 🙂

therese says:

The countertop cabinet is divine! I'd like to see this backsplash on the first kitchen though×6-8-Marble-Tile-asian-bathroom-tile

Nick says:

The wooden counter top caught my eye right away. I noticed the counter around the stove looked more like a granite counter top. This makes sense with things coming off the stove hot, but why black?

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