Mill conversion

Posted on Tue, 8 Nov 2011 by KiM

A big thanks to Iza who sent us a link to a converted mill in Poland (where famoust Polish writer Stefan Zeromski created one of his major novels). Jo and I are both huge fans of all conversions, particularly churches as we’ve featured several here before. This mill is pretty sweet, although is totally against all code (here in Canada anyway) with all those raised sections and stairs with no railings. 



rooth says:

This is pretty amazing but no wandering around without your contacts in…

Stephanie says:

Hahaha, first thought too : "AGAINST CODE!" but gosh I'd LOVE to live there.

/\ says:

obviously no place for heavy drinkers…

I've seen this done recently, but the one I saw was so much more sleek and minimalist. I love this style. It's rustic and somehow feels honest.

polish chick says:

i've found that a lot of european conversions (and newly built homes) have gorgeous stairs without railings. i guess europe isn't anywhere near as litigious as north america and perhaps relies more on common sense. still, despite being polish and filled to the brim with common sense (and opinions, natch!) i tend to trip and fall at the slightest provocation, plus i really like red wine, so not for me, this. love it, though. love the warmth!

Oh my word i am in love with these rooms!! Love the rusty, cozy feel, and the brick is gorgeous!

A lovely conversion, but certainly not a place for those with the coziness a lot! xx meenal

Claire says:

Gosh, I love this! It looks effortlessly thrown together. There's so much character to be found in places that have had a previous life, don't you think? x

I love conversions! Thanks for the post!

Vanessa says:

love the rustic, cosy feel. a little too busy for me though.

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