Jessica Kelly

Posted on Thu, 10 Nov 2011 by KiM

I’d like to introduce you all to the wonderful world of interior design by Canadian Jessica Kelly. She lays the groundwork for contemporary spaces in cool, calm neutrals and then all the homeowners have to do is personalize with photos of their dog, a stack of favourite coffee table books, a pair of Hunter boots at the front door and they’re all set. 😉




Thx for share!!

Jessica Kelly has a great work!

Beautiful work. Funny, Jessica caught my eye too and I also featured her corner banquette today

Olga says:

My kind of girl! I like every single photo of the above. Loving the colour on the walls in the first pics!

oregonbird says:

I love the beadboarded kitchen with the mahogany shine to it five pics up – it has a far more approachable feel to it than the ubiquitous black kitchens we see so often, while offering an unexpectedly modern, streamlined feel. (Am I the only one who sees clown faces in the wallpaper?)

But oh! The table with the black victorian-era cast iron pedestal! I want that more than I want a pony! I wouldn't even waste it in the kitchen – it would be my bedside table. I object to the six-legged table on principle. I really like the work.

Thumbs up for Jessica Kelly! I like the way she provides a lot of space in her arrangements.

Angelika says:

lovely design! so nice carpets =)

Chelsea Smallwood says:

Love her work. I love the clean lines but softness of the rooms.

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