Brother Sister

Posted on Tue, 15 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Two downtown NY apartments. One for the brother. One for the sister. Both by John Beckmann of Axis Mundi. One wham bam glam. The other restrained elegance. Brother. Sister. Both unique and chic.

wao I'm speechless, some great work here! But the rug featured in picture 3 and 4 was love at first site for me!!!!

Love the wall of Takashi Murakami artwork!

Sing says:

The light fixtures are great!

Muse says:

Look's pretty darn chic to me! Nice to see some bold color and materials for a change that is still modernist in intent.

Carolyn says:

Um, I would like their parents to adopt me please, so I could hang out in these places!

Aleya Banks says:


wow these look great. I am mesmerized with the brothers apartment. So sexy, so confident.

The art is fabulous, the woodwork so amazing. Overall the apartments are so well done and inviting.

Is he single? Does he want want a new girlfriend… 🙂

Gorgeous work!

Samantha D says:

Wow– so beautiful.

Lighting looks amazing. Carpets look like amazing silk (i am in the carpet business)— are they Rug Company? I think I saw of the red carpet designs at Carini Lang? Tiger Print. So hot!!

The 2 photos of the women in the lounge are so sexy!!

Chandeliers in both apartments look great. amazing work.

I want to move in!

Murakami Fan says:

Murakami, Murakami, Murakami!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wall of murakami…how big is the whole wall?

Now there is a mini fortune invested right there? Impressive collection—> looks so clean on the wall. The frames all look the same…. great attention to detail.

I am sure it looks even better in person!


Alex says:

Love the "GUN LAMPS"– very chic and well used. Great furniture. Saw the same kennedy Poltrona Frau couches in Black and White.. assuming each apartment has a different color. Love the black smoke chair. Well Done.

Deborah says:

Gorgeous. Great brown and white Pony bench on the carpet. Do the brother & sister use these apartments or just keep them as a design museum! ha.
How much did this cost/sq feet…. ouch! 🙂

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