Philip Ficks

Posted on Thu, 17 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo


Beautiful rooms. Beautiful photographs. Beautiful natural light. Amazing colours. What more could you want? A talented photographer.  A painter’s approach. A look, a vision, an art director’s take on the subject. Philip Ficks is all three and his work is just about perfect.






Amazing images! I love their vintage and industrial look. And the pool with these view…wow!

Ashleigh says:

gorgeous, all of them!

homestilo says:

Loving the details- especially in the charming kitchen at the beginning and then the retro space at the end.

christine says:

The last five images have got to be one of Jonathan Adler's houses . . . all the Adler ceramics are one clue and that's definitely his dog in pic #4 . . . but where were these published?? Does he have a house in LA? Inquiring minds want to know!

You're right, his work is perfect. I love this kind of interesting and welcoming space, with so many neat things to look at. Those little stools, the ceramics, the one-of-a-kind art and the books are all amazing and add so much character. Thanks for sharing!

Aoife says:

I love these images, especially the kitchen in the second shot. Can anyone enlighten me about the cooker in it? I've fallen in love…

This home is just amazing, thank you for the inspiration and have a great weekend!

Elizabeth says:

Beautiful!… I can feel the love and care that has gone into your home!.. I inherited my fathers childhood bed… It is exactly, …exactly… Did I say exactly the same as your spool bed! My Grammie bought it from a gruff old sea captain… We are from Maine! The one I have is from the mid 1800's…. If you ever find yourself wanting to sell it, please remember me! Although I do not have the space now, I would love to see the two side by side in a guest room! …lots of kids could pile in them for afternoon naps!
(…giggle…me too! Elizabeth

Gran says:

Would anyone know where I could find the bed, or one similar to the one in the picture four rows down, on the right side?

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