Posted on Tue, 22 Nov 2011 by KiM

Loving this bedroom. The colours, clothes hanging in the open, the adorable little lampshade…

via Lantliv

D says:

I love this room because of the colors& minimal approach to decorating! Wish my room could be this light.

CS says:

This room is only possible if you do not own a cat.

sam says:

You are right about the lampshade, it's adorable! Love the striped rug too.

Ambyr says:

I love how modern the room is with all white and simple, dark accents.

Danielle Hardy says:

Love the looks!! And the muted colors look great!

mavis says:

where can I find that lamp, have looked everywhere, in vancouver canada? anyone out there know?

Jen says:

i love this room but I couldn't have my closet in the open like that…if one thing was out of place it would drive me mad! I like shutting the door on my occasionally unruly closet lol!

bri says:

omg i love it, where can the mountable garment rack be found at cuz i've been looking for one for like forever!

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