A girly pad in Denmark

Posted on Wed, 23 Nov 2011 by KiM

A big thanks to Kristín for sending us a link to this adorable apartment in Copenhagen that is up for sale. It looks to be pretty small and I think the listing says it’s 87 m² – if that’s accurate then WOW this is SMALL! (I am soooo in love with those beams, which is a nice distraction from the fact that the front door opens right into the bedroom).

*UPDATE: I just realized that the calculator I used to convert square metres to square feet was wrong (here in Canada we use metric for most things but imperial in this case) and yes, I agree that 87m² is not SMALL. In fact, my single family home is slightly smaller. 

Christine says:

Large apartment, nice space, but the owner has a poor use of space/design. A lot of empty wasted space! I love Scandinavian design.

Sey says:

Wow I want to live where 87 sqm is considered small!
3 of us live in a 60 sqm apartment over here and it's pretty normal and average.

What is that cast-iron looking thing with reindeers on its side?

jja says:

For Europe this is not small apartment. And yes, people don't need 200 m2 in order to live well. I live alone (ant the cats) in less then 70m2 and people think i have big place for me.

That being said, ugly floors but nice space full of light. Strange pipes in the bathroom as everywhere in Scandinavia. Big minus, entrance next to bed.

Mat says:

My first ever comment – just needed to say it again: 87m2 is nowhere near small (for most of Europe)!! lovely apartment otherwise, even if a wee bit too girly for my taste!

The cast iron thing is a wood burning stove. 🙂

Charlie says:

This is so typical of an apartment in Denmark- the open spaces, so get you get the most out of your living space. The size is quite the norm for Denmark. Even our house is only 117 kvm and it is plenty big. Not sure if this is an attic apartment, since most attic apartments have the slanted walls which really cut down on the living space.

steph says:

Love the courtyard & the stunning wall art?
the bright pink fluffy round thing! What is it and wear can I get one??? steph

KiM says:

steph, it looks like an African feather headdress. (your best bet is to google that).

Dominique says:

87 sqm is a typical 2 bedroom appartment/condo in Montreal. And I have seen smaller… It's what you get when you choose urban living instead of the big suburb mansions!

Tanith - sunny South Africa :o) says:

Oh wow! I'm in love.

So bright and airy… and the way the white palette has been brightened with the use of of a few lovely pops of colour (especially the blue under the dining table) is just fantastic.

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