Away from the sun

Posted on Wed, 23 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Love these shots by Melbourne based photographer Sharyn Cairns. Love the light. Love the rich, dark colours. Love the intimacy she has captured. Love the unpainted wooden walls left to darken with time. The hint of decay or more so age. The lived in look of a country priest’s office but no priest lives here. The country bolt hole of city slickers. Someone boho. Two different homes but the same need for dim light, the cool away from the hot country sun.

That pretty much sums up my next few months – a desire to be away from the sun.

Especially like the first picture. It's entirely (almost) the quality of the light and shadow.

Tammy says:

"Love the intimacy she has captured."
I couldn't have said it better myself! I feel like I could move right into this house today!

What an intriguing place, all Evelyn Waugh and choral works. Or maybe Graham Greene.

Stunning! It's so lovely when photographers turn interiors into their own artistic expression, especially using the natural light. Sigh. These are just gorgeous.

Those last two images are great. Reminds me to be more practical and to avoid perfection!

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