Rustic spaces

Posted on Wed, 23 Nov 2011 by KiM

Rustic farmhouse-style spaces with a sense of history. So charming. The works of French interior designer Isabelle Heureux

Isabel says:

All the pictures are so nice. I love rustic style, but I must say the bathroom is my favourite.
Very nice post 😉

Now… who ever thought of those little birdies up on the cords???
Looks great!
Love, Olga

oregonbird says:

Every object and crafted setting should have a little tag hanging from it — "Selected With Care". No kidding! This looks like so much work – all the pieces with a showroom luster, and distressed to *just* the right degree, the colors so very carefully matched, from walls to throws to tub enamel, the spots of color perfectly placed… oy. When the effort shows – and it truly does – you haven't hit your stride.

Teresa says:

Love the kitchen, the look, the woods…

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