House hunting in the country

Posted on Fri, 25 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

House hunting sounds so much more “adult” than real estate stalking. Not that I’m looking to bag any houses this particular house hunting season. My bag limit was definitely one and I’m done. Still I seem to be drawn to country cottages and getaway boltholes. In places with fruit trees and hedges, a vege garden, old wooden sheds, quiet country lanes and a well stocked local deli with cheese room and wine cellar just down the road. Perhaps a cafe with a famous, now “retired” barista. Somewhere I can rough it with a cappuccino or some gelati. This cottage might just do me fine. It’s just outside Daylesford in Victoria. A little decluttering, a few more found industrial pieces and a wine fridge. Every weekender needs a wine fridge 😛 Link here while it lasts.

Jodi says:

These are my fav too Jo, this one is similar to my place… 🙂

These shots are stunning especially the last one. I love the rustic feel of this house. It has a unique appeal.

Jessica says:

370k is a steal! I'm moving to Victoria right now (NSW resident here). I'm also attracted to a nice, simple little cottage in a quiet area of the country. Thanks for sharing!

I love those tall table tops!

Isabel says:

It's so cute!

Nimenos says:


rooth says:

This is a beautiful home – I can add my stable on the property as well!

What a cute little cottage. Love all the area outside, surrounding it.

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