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Posted on Sat, 26 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Sometimes when I’m real estate stalking I come across a house that I know just has to be styled for the listing. Who has tin cans and mineral water neatly lined up in the kitchen but no fridge? Who’s kids’ rooms are so tidy they are almost sterile and who has a garden setting perfectly placed mid shot in the garden? As much as this is obviously staged there are some ideas to steal and it seems yellow is the colour to make your listing stand out. Whatever you do though please do not faint when you see the $1 million plus price tag of this Redfern, Sydney terrace house. No wonder they needed to stage it! Bring out the big guns to try to get the big bucks. Ouch. Link here while it lasts.

ran daniels says:

Really like the kitchen loads of light coming in as well that is defnitly an added bonus. So much space to work in as well

Genista says:

Where is that? Somewhere in Sydney?….BTW what real estate site do you use for your stalking??? Great photos, thanks for posting!!

KiM says:

Genista, Jo mentioned in her intro that it is in Sydney and also included the link to the listing.

Jack says:

Really nice stairs.

Reading your post made me realize how seldom I read a blog that expresses a somewhat critical opinion. How refreshing! You inspired me to write this post over at my blog.

Cheers from Sweden//Lisbeth

sue says:

Really, no fridge? I staged my house and sold within 30 days. Most people have zero imagination as to what a house can look like if it is theirs when too many personal items are left out. This is understandable.

Actually, I still have San Pellegrino mineral waters lined up on a counter. It looks nice. It's decorative and if I run out of filtered water, I have them to drink.

Looks like a lovely home. Well done.

It's amazing the difference a final sales price will make to a property that is styled to sell.
Check out my blog for more idea's on "achieving the maximine sale price"

Steve says:

Great look. Not like the normal styling you see. Ive a place needing some work does Anyone know who did this one ?

Tina says:

Love the yellow sideboard – the whole thing looks great – I would also like to know who the stylist is?

Mia Cipolla says:

For those who are interested, this is one of my projects, Mia Cipolla of mia creative interiors. I specialise in creating an emotional appeal in my projects. I understand the need to capture an atmosphere that reflects a particular lifestyle; and know how to get the desired affect for my clients. Great feedback, thanks for all of your comments and your right yellow works and was perfect for this home !!

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