Stiff + Trevillion take 2

Posted on Thu, 1 Dec 2011 by KiM

Stiff + Trevillion = leading UK architects featured by Jo about 2 years ago. Modern, clean lines and innovative designs. I can’t get enough of the tiles in the kitchen above and bathroom after the jump. FAB! And I don’t really understand the kitchen above but I frankly don’t care because it rocks.

Karena says:

Wonderfully unique home and rooms! I love all excepting the extremely dark master! It is just too cave-like for me.

I'm in love with that last room! I look how it's perfect for kids without being overly juvenile.

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ says:

i wanna do birch wallapaper on 1 wall in my bedroom – these homes r a DREAM!

I love this house…everything is beautiful – materials, details, furniture!
The curved bay window in the study is stunning!!!

Love the staircase area – the mix of materials is sublime! x

oregonbird says:

I am never going to like that beech forest wallpaper. I want to – I look at it every time thinking, maybe? No. Very no.

rooth says:

The first kitchen is beautiful – I love the hanging bulbs. Very steampunky!

Lin says:

I'm with oregonbird on the "tree" wallpaper. I keep thinking I might get used to this stuff but every time I see it, it just looks more gimmicky. Ditto for wallpaper that is supposed to look like "books."

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