Posted on Fri, 2 Dec 2011 by KiM

AC sent us an email this week to let us know about the architecture firm he works for based in Bristol, UK called moon. I really admire their work – it’s real world designs that are fairly simple with brilliant little touches here and there. My favourites: kitchen cabinet wrapping into the dining room, desk nook, wall cut-out for projector screen, funky round door handles (!!!!!), wrap-around bathroom cabinets, glass stair partition, funky uneven stairs…

I love that little home office space – so nice to be able to look out the window like that!
And what a great idea having a little bookshelf at the end of the kitchen cabinets.
What a cool company!

oregonbird says:

I know it's weird, but the toilet looks lonely. 🙂 I love the glassed-in room, but my favorites are the smaller, or more contained spaces – the office in the window, the home theatre, the bedroom. They are what they are – I like that. I also love the choice of color, they could be overly-dramatic, but instead they tie each space together. Very nice.

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