Party by the beach

Posted on Mon, 5 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

Where the rainforest meets the sea on a Brazilian island there is a sliver of sand. Where the rainforest meets the sea there are palm trees. Where the rainforest meets the sea there is a house. A stone house and concrete and glass house. A perfect beach party house. Casa Paraty by Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27.

The first time I saw this house I totally fall in love! How much money I shoul have to build a house like this? 😀

rooth says:

This'll be my party pad when I make it big. In my dreams.

I'll take it!

Todd says:

The stone interior walls are awesome, and although the concrete walls have texture, it would be cold. My opinion (bias) comes from my college campus where several buildings were made of concrete. I like certain things made of concrete, not vast exposed home interiors.

Just my .02

Keep up the awesome work. You provide such terrific ideas!


Maki says:

Stunning. Love all the midcentury.

Honorata says:

Dream house.

Marcela says:

Amazing place ! Marcio is the best . Kisses from Brasil

Why oh why oh why? says:

This house is truly astounding, breathtaking! But a swimming pool meters from a glorious sea? How sad, how very out of touch with nature, how disappointing, and – given the context – how environmentally-unfriendly! That pretty much kills off this house for me altogether.

"Ah, Mr Bond… I've been expecting you." (Pause to stroke fluffy white cat)

I'm perversely delighted that this Bond villain lair has a vegetable patch. Because even evil supervillains like to eat organic.

Emerald says:

Ah, it's OK…I suppose.

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