Kathryn Chaplow

Posted on Wed, 7 Dec 2011 by KiM

Kathryn Chaplow is an interior designer located in Grand Rapids, Michigan that I discovered a little while ago while surfing the net for people to blog about. Her take on interiors is fairly uncomplicated and understated but that is what makes it work for real people. Sometimes we need to take a break from all these grand designs and appreciate something a little more ‘everyday’. And thanks to Kathryn’s designs I have a new found love for the colour green.







Judith says:

you're right, it all looks perfectly normal, but not boring. love the work!

sue says:

Kathryn Chaplow's simple and uncluttered design is very refreshing and does not try or need to shock.

The fourth shot reminds me of my Kahrs flooring and my finally painted white kitchen cabinets.
We need those white kitchens here in the midwest (I'm in Chicago) with the dreary winters. (Although it's not been bad so far).

Rosemary says:

While the interiors aren't 100% my taste, they are pretty. But the exterior of that house? I die. So cute!

Love her aesthetic. Very clean and simple, yet still stylish. Thanks for sharing!

Very very beautiful house indeed!

teresa says:

i love bathrooms with eye catching wallpaper. i just wish wallpaper wasn't so expensive. and i love the red house, and that metal roof makes it more stylish than the average cottage.

Talia says:

Cute red house, but these interiors already look dated to me.

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