Posted on Thu, 8 Dec 2011 by KiM

Love this colour scheme for a kitchen. 

Love the idea of an workspace behind semi-glass walls. Great for locking out the husband and 7 cats yet maintains a feeling of openness.

Love the muted colours and raw vibe of this living room.

Love everything about this bathroom (including cute little mirrors!).

Me too! That is a really fresh combo.

Luis says:

That's some truly nice office!

AnnaKarin says:

Love the bathroom!

oregonbird says:

A lounge that accepts you completely. Toss books around, leave your shoes on the table with a wet cup, roll your bike into the corner, then invite around a few people who gave you fruitcake last year, serve Sanka. And then, it's naptime! This is the most peaceful room.

KiM says:

@oregonbird – LOL!!!

Love all these photos!! That second photo is amazing!

Kim Montréal says:

This is the kind of post that` inspires to desire` instead of inspiring to live more modestly and in line with the principles of a creative and sustainable world. No thanks. Hopefully tomorrow will offer more delight. Love you guys.

That bathroom and office space are stunning! Colours, materials, design…thanks for the inspiration!!
Love your blog and am a daily reader!

I just love the lime green in the kitchen 🙂 what a fun pop of color ad a great statement!

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