Stalking convict history

Posted on Mon, 12 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

Many of you will know that Australia started its colonial history as a penal settlement. Britain sent us all her worst best and along with our indigenous and immigrant population we have grown to what we are today. Convict settlements where tough to put it politely and the island of Tasmania had the toughest. Today’s stalking takes us to the Georgian era Bull’s Head Pub in Hobart, Tasmania now restored as two modern apartments. Look at the renovation though. Exposed beams, old floor boards, changes of levels and voids, modern conveniences and beautiful old brick. Did you notice the glass splash back over the old brick in the kitchen? There is even a cellar paved with convict bricks. Just where I’d set up my wine cellar with grand old table and racks of fine Australian wine. I’m dreaming remember. I’d add some stunning artworks, a bit more layering of textures, more fabulous rugs, ambient lighting and books, yes lots of books. Oh maybe the cellar could be a library. Thanks To Kelly for sending the link!

Michelle says:


Sammy says:

Fantastic conversion. Thanks for sharing 🙂

That splashback puts into reality an idea I've been having for the eternally fretting sandstone walls in my new kitchen. Many thankyous Jo. PP

They might want to watch out as I try to move in.

Mid Mod Tom says:


psotom01 says:

So beautiful! I love the exposed brick and the wood floors. Just gorgeous!

sommer says:

I'm drooling. dream space!!!!!!!!

Abbe says:

Bad proportions in the bedroom. Last picture

Giovana says:


Arquitetura seguindo o curso natural… Lindo! Lindo!


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