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Posted on Thu, 15 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

Sarah emailed to share her house.

We have just finished (but not completely styled) a renovation of our 1880s workers cottage in Adelaide, South Australia. As a bit of an amateur designer, I drafted a plan and gave it to an architect whose house I’d seen at an open inspection 5 years previously. I tracked her down (Sophie Fielder) and when we met for the first time couldn’t believe our eyes when we discovered we had the same photos in our scrap books! We even had photos from the internet of houses in other states! Due to budget constraints and the love of a challenge, I project managed the job with our builder and we’re thrilled with the result. We wanted to create a home with a slightly industrial/warehouse/barn feel that was practical and didn’t waste space.

The garden is yet to grow but already it is a sanctuary with birds and chooks (over the back fence!) waking us up each morning and we absolutely adore the  50 year old olive tree right outside our bedroom window.

I’ve already informed Sarah to expect me any moment, bags in hand, because I’m moving in. What a wonderful marriage of old and new.

The house before they started and a few demolition shots.

Sammy says:

You have every right to be proud Sarah. Awesome job – I hope you like living there for many years 🙂

Ex-Adelaide Girl says:

Before i read the text and the moment I saw the facade, I felt like I was at home.

Jane from Adelaide, Australia says:

LOVE IT SARAH! You've done an incredible job and have fabulous style. I get so excited seeing Adelaide homes on design blogs. As Bronwen said above, it's easy to pick an Adelaide house! I have a 1915 sandstone villa in Adelaide and we are in the process of renovating and decorating ourselves, so it's always great to see what others have done. Sarah, can I ask where you managed to find the old CAFE sign in the kitchen?

Sarah says:

Hi Jane and thanks for your lovely comments. I have had the Cafe sign for over 30 years ( sorry!!) and bought it for $5 from an old cinema / secondhand store called Hoffs down at Semaphore. I love it too and have been waiting for the right kitchen to put it in. I hope you enjoy the renovating and decorating as much as I did! (I'm itching to do the next one but my husband and the gfc wont let me!!) Sandstone villas are simply beautiful so I'm sure yours will look gorgeous when it's done!

Kim P. says:

What a beautiful home! You are a true professional!

Elizete says:

A sua casa ficou linda. Voce esta de parabens!!!!! Hugs

spy008 says:

So cute!

Stacy says:

This is comfortably modern home and I love it! I'm about to renovate our kitchen with white cabinets and like the style and simplicity of the ones you have here. Were the kitchen cabinets custom made? Was it a specific brand?

Sarah says:

The kitchen was my own design and I had a cabinet maker fabricate it . The white is actually a melamine and looks remarkably like a satin 2 pac and the timber is a textured laminate. I like the softness of Scandinavian interiors and didn't want anything too shiny so I'm thrilled with the result. Have fun designing yours! I loved every minute of it.

tlx says:

great laundry! love black and wite and 80s patterns

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