Favourite living rooms of 2011 – part 2

Posted on Tue, 3 Jan 2012 by KiM

Another stunning post – amazing to see all of these in one place.
Pinterest here I come!!
Thanks for the inspiration.

Anna says:

There are so many gorgeous rooms here I have trouble picking a favourite. I think the Russell Smith room is speaking too me though with that graphic artwork!

oregonbird says:

I had to check the post title after the first half-dozen pics – surely you meant the most unliveable living rooms of 2011? But, no. Odd. Cramped and over-furnitured quarters offering barked shins for anyone attempting access, uncomfortable seating with a resting place for a cuppa nowhere within reach, a glass table poised to do real damage in a colorful deathtrap of a room… All the beautiful and comfortable rooms I've found on this site! I can't imagine what the qualifications were when you chose these are representative of being 'favorite'.

KiM says:

Thanks to the person who just left a comment here showing a post on some site where all the photos from these 2 living rooms posts were used with ZERO credit to this blog or our original sources of the photos. I deleted the comment – but thanks LINKwithlove! And I'd like to smack those responsible in the face.

Daniel says:

Hi! Wonderful living rooms! I especially like number 2 with the papers hanging from the ceiling!

MOO says:

oregonbird, I was thinking the same thing!

Mid Mod Tom says:

I remember most of these. The James Leland Day room looks like it would fit well with the Jean Allsopp kitchen I want

Adore Jason Owen's space. Simple, chic, comfortable looking and very "in". Have a great 2012 ladies!!!!

WyGal says:

Have to agree with Oregonbird on this one! Living rooms should be comfortable!

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