Favourite bedrooms of 2011 – part 2

Posted on Fri, 6 Jan 2012 by KiM

Shushu says:

gorgeous ! except the last picture… baby statue?

homestilo says:

Number 5 and the second to last please. They look like such great and comforting retreats.

Shelley says:

Baby statue heading towards champagne in the parents bedroom in a church. That's somehow wrong in many ways.

Nice colours 🙂

Sammy C says:

These are some fantastic rooms! Each room has such personality

xo Sam

SueE says:

Oh, Gold Baby Statue is back!! That brought so much joy and laughter…

I only say this is awesome blog. Well done. I like to visit it any time.

oregonbird says:

Gold Baby is obviously going for the remote. Just one button, and WHOOOOSHH — into the heavens goes the ecclesiastical rocketship, captained by a fishman hidden in the waterbed and a highly intelligent torso-based priest/navigator.

Lisa says:

King Midas we told you, don't touch the baby!

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