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Last night we had a veterinarian come by the house to give our cats a checkup (easier than taking all 7 of them in). At one point we were talking about our upcoming house project and she mentioned that her brother is a well-known architect in Toronto and has a firm with his wife called AGATHOM Co. Their website is currently a little sparse, but included photos of one project that I had to share (I found a few more and some info on Contemporist). It is a 1000 sq ft cabin in Pointe au Baril, a remote archipelago in Georgian Bay (3.5 hours north of Toronto) on a large area of exposed Precambrian rock. AMAZING!! (Be sure to check out the last photo after the jump)

This looks like Sweden to me, and I live in Sweden 🙂

You are welcome to look in to our house that we built in 2010.
The architect who helped us was Kim Munro from Australia, so the house is a combination of swedish, australian and japanese which I am attracted to.

Kind regards

KF says:

Those ceilings are amazing!

Hanna says:

Cool place! I like:)
Thank u!

dana says:

having grown up with a contractor father in the backwoods of Ontario, our house always had an over abundance of pine. i hated it then and i hate it now so unfortunately i don't think i can truly appreciate this one. it's actually kind of like my worst nightmare come to life! no offence to the architect – the building itself is rather stunning.

rebekah says:

holy smokes! as a geologist and a lover of architecture, this little cabin on those beautiful precambrian rocks is a dream come true! lovely post, thanks for sharing!!

betina luna says:

The location is amazing. With a home like that, I would mind staying in for months.

AMR says:

Beautiful house and location. Wow.
And I hear birdies tweeting from your page somewhere…or is it just in my head?? 🙂

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Makes one relax just to look at them…indeed I am pining for the fjords….

Jt says:

This really is stunning, although i am from the north (Sudbury) this is only 1/2 hr – 1 hr away… its an all too familiar sight now with everyone buying up property from the south (Toronto) to build McMansions on lakes for the weekends, so as isolated as they seem… its not anymore. But great design!! it's to bad not all people can make it this natural looking and awesome!

Apryl says:

Stunning. I would never leave home.

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