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Posted on Tue, 10 Jan 2012 by KiM

Over the holidays we received an email from Jacqui, a design assistant at Natalie Younger Interior Design based in Los Angeles. I was stoked to feature this firm’s work, as they’ve only been in business for over a year and they’ve got several intriguing projects already under their belt (mostly residential, but check out the last 2 photos below of a restaurant they designed). Bold, contemporary designs accentuated with graphic patterns and colours, from Hawaii to Colorado, these ladies are talented and have a bright future ahead.


DesignJunkie says:

All so different but yet they all feel complete, not one style type, very interesting designs.

Marie S says:

Wow! I love the dining room photos especially the one at the bottom. I can't tell if that linear line along the wall is light? What a cool idea.

Leo D. says:

Such unbelievable range! Each project has such a unique approach and all are meticulously executed. Very well done!!

Jill E. says:

Hey that's the Churchill restaurant in LA! It's hard to believe that the same designer did all of these, they're all very unique designs. Great post.

Jeanine says:

Love it! Very sophisticated with clean lines. The bar definitely creates a warm and inviting place to spend some relaxing time. Amazing!

mezadesign says:

Absolutely sophisticated work. Gorgeously rich materials used from the kitchen counter tops, illuminous light fixtures and 3dimensional wall paper! Every detail is very well thought through and executed forcefully. This designer has amazing sense of style. Natalie Younger is truly a rising star!

Les Pays-Bas says:

Does anyone know the brand/shop/name of the diningtable in the third photo? I'm looking for a table like this for a very long time, and so far I've never seen this in real before… Of maybe anyone knows a lookalike or even DIY tutorial? Thank you!

Louise says:

I really like the last one, the kitchen with rustic wood and turquoise wall and columns. I hope I make my mind up about colours by the time I move in my new house lol

Chrystina says:

I absolutely love that green/black/white accent wall in the dining room – it's gutsy and it works. So well.

Michele Andre says:

Hey I was just at The Churchill with some girlfriends a couple weeks ago!! I even made a comment about how great the design aesthetic was,it just works. Its simple with a strong quite presence about it, too bad its occupied by so many lame people!

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