Lönngren Widell

Posted on Thu, 12 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo

White, bright and just right. Fabulous images by photographer duo Amelia  and Andreas Lönngren Widell.  Details, textures, textiles, aged wood, relaxed boho elegance, white, white, white and always a hint at the family that lives in these rooms. Love it all. The first few photos are are actually of their own home and you can see more on Amelia’s blog A Beautiful Living. Beautiful living indeed.

Unas imágenes maravillosas, en especial la primera.Besos.

Unas imágenes maravillosas, en especial la primera.Besos.

I love these interiors! You're right, you can tell families live in these and that gives them a feeling of lived-in comfort while still looking simple and stylish. They look so cozy and accessibly sophisticated. Love!

Ahsan says:

Definitely staged for photography. How could stuff be in the right place all the time?

Rustic place… It needs just a little things to do and could be perfect for me.

those first images are so my style. im obsessing over them.

Maybe getting it so right is built on generation after generation of getting it right~

oh wow, the more rustic the pictures got the more i like them. that's one lucky puppy

Love this set of images.

Love the first few pics! Light, classic, a little boho, slightly luxe. Gorgeous!

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