Reader’s home – Marija’s bright abode

Posted on Fri, 13 Jan 2012 by KiM

Marija sent me some photos the other day, for either a ‘reader’s home‘ or ‘pets on furniture‘ post. I knew immediately that I couldn’t just use her pet photos as her home in Vilnius, Lithuania is fabulous with bold punches of colour. Perfect for a gloomy, cold and snowstorm-y Friday. (photos by Anna Stanevičienė and Stanislovas Kairys)

peggy says:

Love the colors! Especially love the yellow Smeg.

Alexandra says:

Very nice. She has beautiful decor, but it's not cluttered and messy…cute 'kids' too! =)

I love this home – especially the kitchen! All of the brights colours come out great, color coordinated bookshelfs never fail to amaze me 🙂

homestilo says:

I love the bright and bold smeg.

Melanie says:

I love the bedroom with the bright coloured clothes on the rack. I love how "products" can add colour rather than actual decor.

Oh, and of course the yellow Smeg!

qlkowa says:

Yellow Smeg corner – perfect!

Erica says:

This is STUNNING. Is there a way to find out who the kitchen was designed by?
I'd love to do something exactly like that…..
So simple and rustic with oodles of charm.

enduro says:

I am watching this post second time and I have to say it is really striking. She has a good eye, her trump card is colors and attention to a detail. Thanks for this share.

marija says:

Puikus butas, Marija, ir labai smagu tavo interjera matyti desireto inspire! 🙂

Ieva says:

Sveikinu, gražus butas ir puikus debiutas desire to inspire 🙂

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