Blog favourites of late

Posted on Sun, 15 Jan 2012 by KiM

oh my word!! total eye candy!!! so much to love.. everything is so unique and perfect in it's own way. Gorge!

ernø says:

Very nice selection ! Waiting for the next one…

Daniel says:

Hi, hope you had a great weekend! Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!

Fani says:

beautiful selection!!! thanks for including me!!! kisses

Susan Rawlings says:

Hey guys,

Gorgeous blog! Would love to see you join Google+!

Keep up the great work. Splendid!

Mari says:

love the colourfull interiors!

especially the carpets!

Mihaela says:

Thank you for these wonderful new resources!. I just finished the entire Decoratualma blog (it took me almost 3 weeks, but it was worth every second).

Yvonne says:

I am so glad I discovered you through Stumble! Our house is getting a face lift and I appreciate the inspiration.

Fantastic inspiration pictures. Thank you for sharing. Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Hillary says:

Thanks for this post! Bookmarked a few blogs I hadn't heard about yet (on top of the eye candy! :))

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