Kelly Behun

Posted on Tue, 17 Jan 2012 by KiM

I recently came across the website of New York based interior designer Kelly Behun and to my shock (or horror) I discovered that we have never blogged her work. I find this nuts because I have just added her to my imaginary top ten list of favourite designers of all time. And on top of that, I am giving her a title – QUEEN OF WHITE. How she makes white rooms work THIS well and be so damn interesting is beyond me. (Perhaps the fancy lofty NY condo backdrop has something to do with it). I’m smitten. And grateful for this momentary diversion from the cat drama of yesterday (….no takers yet, and I can feel the beginning of the insanity of potentially owning 8 cats creeping into my bones – hey, even straight jackets are white! will the walls of my padded cell be white too?!). 

eric says:

that hanging light branch in the first shot is a great idea. I'm definitely going to to and DIY something similar

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Intersting, I have never really though of white rooms as havng a lot of mood, but these do, While I like white rooms aestehtically, I find it hard to live in them (although I have a whitish bedroom and I REALLY love it). Interesting. Btw, love the posting above – you gotta have faith!

whoa! my cup of tea.

Islem says:

NICE!! When I saw the last bedroom pic my brain said "Aaahh, I'm going to bed". So inviting, peaceful and restful!

Nice lounge chair on the second pic!

AMR says:

Really love these. So airy nice.
Just wondering, when there are huge expanses of windows + no visible blinds + a building right outside/opposite (like in the 4th last photo)…does that mean: they have darkening window panes or they're fine with exhibiting their lives to the neighbours across the way?
In the 4th last photo I mention there's even a small table & chair set just perfectly for: "I will sit here and observe the neighbours as they observe me." 🙂

Jenny says:

WOW! This is gorgeous. I want it. How rich would you have to be to own a space like this? Astronomically, I think. But then again, I'd never need to leave home with views and a house like this. Sigh.

I've got 7 kitters. You're my inspiration :0)

selina says:

I really like white walls and I love how they are balanced out by beautiful wooden floors (currently dreaming of this for my London house). The light fittings…. mama mia, such great elegant details but no fuss. All their spaces feel livable. I am inspired. Once more you've done it ladies! thank you.

I love the use of scale & the ways art is displayed in many of these rooms- they're the very things that keep the white from looking sterile or boring.

annabelle says:

another wife of a rich investment banker turned interior designer so not interesting

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