The boathouse

Posted on Tue, 17 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo

Perched upon the shoreline, its face turned modestly to the water this modern reinterpretation of a previous 19th century Norwegian boathouse no longer provides a home for a boat but instead is now a summer place. Honest, simple, referential, almost reverential and very clever. As the weather warms the boathouse lifts its walls to the sun. Beauty in building, beauty in place, beauty in purpose. The boathouse by TYIN tegnestue Architects.

Glen says:


I love it! Always so inspiring!

Annie says:

Really nice photography.

rooth says:

This is a dream getaway for unplugging and getting away from it all. The transparent panels and walls are such a cool touch!

Nathan says:

Really like the hanging fire basket – Looks a little dangerous though with all that timber

Great photo's too

Aidan says:

This is my dream Boat house! but where is the boat?

rebekah says:

oh, wow.

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