Hardcore conversion

Posted on Tue, 24 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo

You’ve heard about rough luxe. How about tough luxe? Perhaps we should call it high end brutal. It’s luxury meets spartan, minimalist meets money. It’s bacchanalian elimination. This loft in Dusseldorf revels in the essential beauty of the building. Seemingly unadorned but oh so carefully curated. Restrained, refined, distilled. Warehouse conversion by Belgian studio Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners.

P.S. Just realised that Kim had featured part of this conversion before when she featured Bruno Erpicum here. Thought that somewhat misogynistic artwork looked familiar 😉





Nathan says:

Hardcore indeed! Great rough concrete sink, and I like the tree breaking through the slab in the garden.
My only critisism would be that there is not much of a view out of all that lovely glass,
but I guess the selection of sports cars would make up for it.

Mid Mod Tom says:


Katie says:

Looks very nice … Although I think that it is a house that is used in summer only. Have you been in Dusseldurf in winter? It gets pretty cold.

Wow, what a place! Totally sharing this post! It took my breath away!

tyson says:

I love rough/tough luxe. I know I'm wishing a bit hard here but I hope it doesn't prove to be too trendy. More please.

Giselle says:

That artwork is disturbing. I get the feeling this is the cold, clinical, soulless space of a serial killer. Pass.

Sam says:

I want to have a party there so bad. Also, it would suck to just look at your cars while you're working out, no?

oregonbird says:

The cars get a smoother, more civilized place to stay than the people! Do you have to be on heroin to live there, or is it optional? I like it, I mjust don't know if I'd be up to sacrificing a cat at the dark of every moon!

Herta says:

prison chic…no amount of money could keep me warm…bbrrr

I have never seen anything like this! All the rooms are so incredible, simple, modern but tied in with old brick.

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