Naomi Finlay

Posted on Tue, 24 Jan 2012 by KiM

I absolutely adore the photos of Australian-born-now-let-loose-in-Toronto-based photographer Naomi Finlay. She “combines her keen awareness of architectural flow with a sense of intimacy as she captures the rhythm of a space”. I think that’s exactly why her photos appear so…believeable. (Thanks for the tip Shannon!)







Ooooohhhhh….so glad to see it up! Thanks for the nod!

I LOVE EVERY IMAGE! I am going to pin them all now


rooth says:

I really like how the pictures are displayed!

nic riess says:

wow. this place is absolutely amazing. great, personal mix of colors, textures, materials, styles.. very authentic .. absolutely love it…

She makes them livable and that is what all spaces are for. Thanks for bringing her up. I adore her work!

Lindsey says:

I agree with themodernsybarite. I quite literally could live in every single one of those homes.

tyson says:

What is the banana leaf like palm tree in the image with the guy with his feet up?

Wow stunning! All the rooms are so creative and artsy! Very livable i must say 🙂

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