Posted on Tue, 24 Jan 2012 by KiM

I find black and white decor very soothing, and veeeeeeery appealing. And because I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now with everything going on, I thought a little black and white via Skonahem might help…or at the very least distract me momentarily. (I think I could have also titled this post “Lighting porn”).

eric says:

the splash of life provided by the small plants really adds a lot to all of these spaces

Love it!

Kelly says:

I adore these photos. Styled to perfection.

decandyou says:

Serene, luminous and balanced. I like it as such a hard wall, with the old brick at sight, can stay so masterfully integrated and smoothed with the rest of the decoration and the used colors. Perfect!

what is it about black and white interiors that I never get sick of? This one is another fabulous example. Thanks for sharing!

I think that "Lighting Porn" would definitely be a very appropriate alternate title for this post – pretty much every light that I've got ear-marked to buy one day is in this post! And gee the Scandinavians make them look good!

j'aime ces coussins et ces peaux un peu partout cela r├ęchauffe le blanc.

rachel.l says:

Love these. I want those black wire bulbs. where are they from?

Swedish gal says:

Argee totally that this interior, styling and photos are absolutely gorgeous and aspirational for many of us. Interestingly though, there was an interview with the owner (and stylist and photographer – she has a past at IKEA) of this home in the magazine where the pictures were published and she was asked about common mistakes in interior decoration and her suggestions to the general public and her reply was: darr to use accent colours (!!). Just saying, considering the muted colour palette in her own home…

I love black and white also- so relaxing! Great photographs!

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