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I came across the following photos on AT Casa and had a good laugh. Now, I think conversation pits are cool, especially coming across the one I blogged about here via Linebox Studio that I’m desperately hoping will be do-able in my new home. But a huge, fully carpeted one is just so….70s. And kind of ugly. No offense to Jason Miller, furniture designer and owner of this lovely shag pit he created in his 600 sq. ft apartment in Brooklyn. But really? (I found more details here).


Jenny says:

My cats would LOVE this! Imagine the claw sharpening and the lolling about, the chasing, play fighting and sleeping that could happen, all in one space!

Lisa says:

Happy to see someone say "Really?" I find myself saying that a lot these days. Guess I'm getting old and crotchety.

D of dogland says:


I kind of have mixed feelings about this place too, but I have to say that as a loyal reader of this blog I was disappointed to read a post whose sole purpose was to criticize the design. This is desire to INSPIRE. This is the stuff you LIKE. So much so in fact that you want to share it with the world. I think a critical comment or two is ok if it's in the context of a positive entry, but as a designer myself, I would hate to see pics of my stuff posted on such a popular blog just to be made fun of by the author. Other than that, keep up the good work!

selina says:

Excuse me, but not so long ago, we would have considered the mid century orange/brown /beige or blue/ navy/turquoise optical wall papers and fabrics rather gross. Many of the really expensive, again, mid century, now considered classics pieces, would have been, at best overlooked in a charity shop. I remember when flares where laughed at and, even more recently, high rise pants and shoulder padding frowned upon. Taste is a very fickle thing and it has a tendency to change. I'm not saying I love this decor, or hate it but I can't knock the element of fun and… originality. Beware that style could come back!

Annie says:

Well, love it or hate it, I do not think it was the best use of his small space.

oregonbird says:

When I think conversation pit, I don't think 'step'. The idea is luxury – which this isn't. I think the problem is that the concept wasn't taken far enough, it didn't take the dimentions of the human body into consideration. The levels should have been twice as deep, so that lounging and sitting would be more comfortable, and I'm pretty certain that a lot of the complaints would be removed if more than one color of carpeting had been used! But as a masculine boho space, I think it's excellent. The deco is spot on. It's a good attempt at something unique.

Russell F says:

oh yeah that's clever…you walk UP to then step DOWN into the pit. Duh ! Next time he should try working in an appropriate sized space to achieve the idea. FAIL.

Sara says:

"Levels Jerry!"

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