Burgers Architecture

Posted on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 by KiM

Loving the portfolio of Vancouver- based, award-winning architecture firm Burgers Architecture Inc. Their attention to detail and the way they maximize the views beyond the structures is fabulous.




michelle says:

Wow, who is the artist in the first pictures?

Jessica W says:

I second Michelle's question. Who is the artist of those paintings? The company's site lists the residence as "Adelaar" in BC, but a quick Google search didn't help.

oregonbird says:

Sometimes, you want an opaque wall. Or even just an opaque panel in a glass wall. Here are several demonstrations of that desire, unfulfilled. But great architecture, and the artist is aces.

Sarah says:

What track lights have you used pictures 5 & 8

This is stunning. Perfect inspiration for my future summer home in Norway. Love the windows, the invitation of light, the way the house floats into the nature surrounding it, yet still has presence. And the patio, pool area and TV-area are just perfect too..

michelle says:

Artist found!


Kim, your inspiration extends well beyond the thrill of viewing these lovely homes. Thanks again.

wouldn't mind owning this .. 😉

Russell F says:

Curiously, there must be a new species of human of which I am not aware, who can sit on the crapper and yet look elegant, pre tel even sexy enough to warrant glass walls in the loo.

ian zerreg says:

good lord! such a big "to do" about who sees you "poo"!? I know I shouldn't say this, as only one of you identified as being from "oregon", but why are seemingly ALL Americans such prudes anyway?! rofl!!

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