Aaron Hom encore

Posted on Fri, 27 Jan 2012 by KiM

We love a good stylist on DTI but Aaron Hom isn’t a good stylist. Just joking. Aaron Hom is a great stylist. Jo has shared his work before (here and here) but when I stumbled on his website again this week there were even more fabulous photos. I can’t think of a better way to end a less than wonderful week than with the  more than wonderful styling of Aaron Hom. Is it just me or is anyone else really loving the midcentury classics in so many of these? Platner chairs anyone?







The interiors are great – and the inclusion of all the iconic pieces are just perfect! That last image is just stunning!
Thanks for the continued inspiration, fantastic post!

david says:

stunning interior design. actually, most of these shots were taken for the dwr catalogue. good to know who was the stylist behind them.


Janne says:

VERY nice pics!!!

That last pic is just so…glamorous!!

Melissa says:

Does anyone know where I can find that stripped geometric fabric on the two chairs in the fifth picture down on the left?? I want it!!

dana says:

I love these, partly because i love mid-century mod but i find lately so does everyone else and it all just ends up looking like the Design Within Reach catalog. these shots are beautiful but at the same time a little show-room like.

Lin says:

Sigh. I dream of owning a Platner chair, which is the only place I will EVER own one.

Ahsan says:

Melissa, those colorful chairs on the 5th row are called Nube armchair designed by Jon Gaston for STUA (Spanish brand).

eili says:

is it just me or does anyone else get bored by always seeing these "classics" like eames lounger / sidechairs, bertoias, saarinen sidetables, jacobsen, etc etc on almost EVERY pic shown on interior posts? do people really have that less self confidence to NOT go for these easy solutions that everyone has / likes but do some research and at least buy things which are not only for having friends over saying "uuuh aaaah you got an eames you got jacobsen, you must be hell of an conoisseur" ?!

Melissa says:

Thank you Ahsan!

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