Frederic Hooft

Posted on Tue, 31 Jan 2012 by KiM

We received a very intriguing email the other day from a reader named Adriaan regarding this post Jo published a while ago of photographer Frederik Vercruysse’s work. Turns out it featured a couple of photos of the home of interior designer Frederic Hooft. Seems he now resides in an amazing 16th century home located in the city of Ghent (having bought it 15 minutes after seeing it for the first time). It’s gorgeous – the vintage modern blend is perfectly juxtaposed against the history of the home. (Source)

Judith says:

Wow!! Especially the Vespa in the house rocks! 😀

oregonbird says:

There might be a woman in the courtyard, but that is a guy's house, top to bottom. Messy and unplanned in every possible way.

carine says:

Speechless! Love it all!

That shower in the middle of the room is sublime!

tyson says:

That rug!

Pantone got it wrong with tangerine. This year is totally ultramarine!

lea says:


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