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Posted on Tue, 31 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo


Three and a half years. Yes three and a half years since I visited Australian photographer Maree Homer‘s website. (The original post is here.) A lot has certainly happened since the least of which is an overflowing portfolio and her work constantly in Australian shelter magazines. The work has matured. Light is still paramount but now the rooms are havens from the harsh bright light outside. Slashes of light don’t cut across spaces. Homes are more appealing because, as most Aussie’s will know, being in the cool cocoon of the inside as opposed to the harsh, hot outside is a cultural dreaming. Still an ode to modern Australian life her work captures the spirit of the rooms, the carefree life we love to lead and the slight larrikin attitude that Aussie’s have.

selina says:

So much eye candy!

Thanks for posting all these!!

You really do give me inspiration.

With love from

Lindsey says:

If I didn't love black walls before seeing these pictures, I do now!

Sethrin says:

A long shot, but any idea where I can find that lamp shade in the 4th pic? Beautiful post, thank you!

oregonbird says:

I love the boy's room – with the heavy items, cars etc., up on high shelves. Unique, useful and space-saving.

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