Posted on Wed, 1 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

I close my eyes and sweet dreams will come. Dreams of a home just right. Natural materials, a treasure trove of textures. Nothing too precious but everything beautiful. Tactile and heart touching. Memories and possibilities. Work and play. A place to create and a place to rest. Kim has already featured the work of April Tidey but I had to go back to the Gas Town loft she designed. For the dreams. (Photography: Heather Ross)

What a stunning home. I love the natural materials and the neutral palette.
The fabric on those chairs is also incredible – they look like they are covered by a kind of marbling pattern…LOVE!

ella says:

Love love love!!!
Whose are the plexi chairs????
Love the way they are and aren't there at the same time

Hi Jo,
I just found this posting via the fabulous world of Pinterest. My name is Heather Ross & I am the photographer that actually took all these images of April Tidey's gorgeous Gastown Loft. The large portrait featured in this loft is by a very talented young painter Nick Lepard. I am glad this space inspired your dreams….April has an amazing touch. Photo credit for all these images would be much appreciated. This story is due to be published in the fall 2012. Thank you, Heather

KiM says:

Thanks for stopping by Heather – I have added credits on Jo's behalf. Your photos are beautiful!

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