Reader’s home – Lucy’s four walls and a roof

Posted on Fri, 3 Feb 2012 by KiM

This reader’s home belongs to Lucy, and here’s what she had to say about it: We’ve been living in this house for 5 years. It had lots of, shall we say, ‘deferred maintenance’ when we moved in – all hidden under layers of cream paint. It’s gone from being a vanilla ice-cream-colored box filled with IKEA furniture that we bought in a single weekend (long story – we moved from England and had to start from scratch) through the arrival of our two kids, countless variations of layout and wall color, to finally becoming a family home. I blogged about the process (and other design dilemmas) at fourwallsandaroof.comThe most newly remodelled part of the house is the kitchen, powder room, dining room and family room. Love the mid-century vibe in the newly done rooms. Great job Lucy! (Some photos by Chris Gaede)


Allison says:

Wow! That is an incredibly beautiful home. I love how bright the home is and the nursery is stunning!

Ryan says:

Awesome kitchen, congrats.

Thank you so much for the kind comments.

Molly and Cate – the sectional is from Bimma Loft in San Francisco.
Cate – the pillowcases are from Bed, Bath and Beyond I believe. They'r e ancient but have held up well!


Cata says:

Seriously in love with the lighting in dining area and art on master bedroom!

Nicole says:

It's beautiful but I wouldn't want to be a kid in this house. Sorry.

ben says:

the most beautiful, warm and stylish house i've seen in a while.
Thumbs up for every little corner and every single piece.

Can you please, tell me, where is the wooden pendant lampe from ? (the one in the dining room)

Many thanks

peggy says:

That is a dream kitchen.

Dion says:

Hello. The wooden pendant lamp in the dining room is link by luzifer. See at

Anya says:

Wow!! I love every single room! What a great house 🙂

Marilyn Dayes says:

The entire house looks like a house of my dream, especially the bedroom. It is so full of light, freshness and tenderness. I guess I could sleep there 24/7 🙂

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