An extraordinary chalet in the Alps

Posted on Tue, 7 Feb 2012 by KiM

My brother-in-law Dave sent me a link to quite an extraordinary chalet the other day, located in the Alps and designed by Parisian designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. It’s far from your average cozy, sheepskin-filled chalet and is modern as modern gets. This chalet attempts to be typical with plenty of timber walls but it stops there. And why not?

Tom says:


Sculptural throughout, LOVE it!

Wilkinson says:

Amazing architecture AND a floating bed?! Wow… Thanks for sharing.

Lisa says:

Wow, it sure makes a statement but I think I prefer my chalet's cozy!

Mandy says:

That is so great and modern, love it!


Eva says:

Looks like a Ken Adam production for James Bond! 😀 No seriously, amazing – even dragged out my first comment ever here.

rooth says:

Oh my, a chalet in the Alps?! It's like my dream come true

denise says:

loathe the wood bleached bare look. not a place i'd cozy up to.

WyGal says:

Not trying to drag you guys down but this does not look like a cozy mountain get-a-way maybe they have a tiny poor mans cottage with a woodstove nearby?

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