An intimate view

Posted on Thu, 9 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

How we see our home, what we focus in on, what treasures our eyes dwell on, the look, the emotion, that certain something, that’s what is important. When we take our own photos of our inner sanctums we capture what is special to us. It is not about a magazine ready vignette or a perfectly styled shot. It’s the corners that we love in all their ordinary beauty. Last week I featured the work of Swedish photographer Anna Daniellson. Fabulous and funky. Then an email landed in my inbox from architect Johanna Malcus of  studio rar, an architectural and design office in Gothenburg, comprising Johanna and industrial designer Märit Lagheim.  Two shots in the Danielsonn post were of Johanna’s place. These are the intimate photos of Johanna’s home as Johanna sees it. Both sets of photos are lovely but in so many different ways.

P.S. Check out studio Rar’s cushion and mattress covers when you are on their site. Scandi retro cool!

Melanie says:

This place just feels cozy, like home. I love how the photos are warm and fuzzy.

Amina and Paul-Cat says:

Living Truth Design.

I agree, the place just oozes coziness and warmth!

Love the marionette hanging in the corner.

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