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Posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2012 by KiM

I unfortunately missed out on IDS 12 in Toronto this year (and frankly, every year) but was excited when we were sent these photos. Here’s a bit of info: We wanted to share these never-before-seen images of the BY Lissoni lounge space designed by Piero Lissoni, featured in this year’s Interior Design Show in Toronto. While the year’s unofficial theme may have been bright color, Lissoni’s lounge made a bold statement with a muted palette.  Defying its usual connotations of cold austerity,  Lissoni used shades of white to create a comfortable, inviting space.  Light streaming in from skylights warmly illuminated white walls and pale oak floors.  Lining the walls were bookshelves playfully filled with book spines turned outward, evoking a wood-like feel, while plum, plush seating beckoned visitors to stay awhile. Love the mostly muted colours, the sofa in the last photo, and interesting take on book placement (cool looking but useless in reality if you want to actually read something in particular).

What a great space, and proves that you can make a significant statement without using very bold colour. Thanks for sharing!

TomFresh says:

Is the designer of the last sofa also Lissoni? It's such a beautiful couch and I would really love to know where I can buy it or whether you know designer that created a comparable look.


Rick says:

Who makes the two white chairs in the second picture?

I was lucky enough to attend IDS this year and there were loads of amazing things to see. The Piero Lissoni lounge was just as beautiful in real life. I loved the low, low, low marble slabs coffee table. I actually regret not picking up one of the books…I wonder if they were all design-related or novels. And what happened to them after the lounge was dismantled? Still curious…

Sarah says:

Don't get the books turned backwards, I guess just for texture? Like artwork? Hmm, would drive me crazy to look for the volume I wanted!

steve mawson says:

daft marble coffee table. more like a trip-hazard than a useful table…

sometimes interior designers are as clever as fashion designers…totally rad ideas but nothing anyone will ever use.

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