Minimal space in Singapore

Posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

Maybe the title should be making the most of minimal space in Singapore. Maxing out the minimalist? In the city state of Singapore the majority of its citizens live in government built flats. Here is a renovation of one of these cookie cutter impersonal apartments into something that is light and airy and seemingly spacious. Grabbing the leafy outside views and giving the space a sense of openness by removing walls architect Desmond Ong is a magician conjuring maximum impact with a very minimal aesthetic.

wans says:

How did you hide the equipment and wires for your TV, and where is that dining table from?

I really love house and wish I could live minimal like that but somehow I just have too much stuff.
The simple use of materials and colour palette really help make the space super sleek. Love the little pop of green from the astroturf as well.

Annie says:

So. To go against the grain here, I feel like the designer's highly impersonal style has, if anything, INCREASED the "cookie cutter" flavour of the apartment. There is nothing really there to latch onto, or feel like someone cares about this home, all I see is a very clean, institutional-type place with bland furniture and little to no personal belongings.

All the personal touches are so impersonal in style, that I really would have a hard time not feeling like I was sitting in a school classroom, an office, or a doctor's waiting room when I was home. I'm sure the whie glossy floor has not helped this feeling.

Oh well. To each his own!

AMR says:

I want a cookie-cutter government built flat! 🙂
I imagine opening one of those kitchen drawers and it's a bulging mess of cutlery and clutter. Yeah, probably not.
I do really like this space…and the little elephant with his grassy nice spot.

Catherine says:

Is this a government-built apartment? I am a Singapore resident and noted that the size and configuration doesn't look like it. Nevertheless, it's gorgeous as I like minimalism!

Marie says:

I read about this somewhere (which mag I can't remember) but I seem to recall that this is the architect's home with his family. They removed walls sacrificing one of the bedrooms to get the feel of space and a larger living area. 3 bedrooms down to two. I guess the kids bunk in together.

Bituin says:

In Singapore, space is a premium. This one is definitely a luxury unit in an expensive building. Case in point, just look at the tree tops. Government-built structures are crowded.

#Annie, what"personal style" are you looking for? This is the owner's "personal touch" to his space: no clutter. This reflects his personality, taste and aspirations. Would you disagree if somebody calls your space like an impersonal antique store if you collect old stuff? Stop looking at other people's houses through your own glasses. Appreciate/critique them on their own right and style category and not putting your own bias.

Grabe says:

Really love the minimal style of this apartment. Only thing that's a little off for me is the awkward placement of the TV. But I guess it's a compromise between watching it from the dining table and the sofa.

Annie says:

RE:Bituin – I wasn't remarking on the place like "omg ha ha this sucks he iz sooo lamez"… No, I was saying that I don't feel that the designer succeeded overmuch in taking a boring and cookie-cutter dwelling in an overly new direction that made it stand out as someone's unique home. It just feels very clinical and impersonal to me. However, as I summed up, to each his own!

And also I haven't seen the before and after pictures or pictures of other units, so that may definitely show the immense difference!

And no, if someone didn't like my house they are entitled to their opinion because it's MY house, not theirs.

Finally, calm down. Just because I don't like the complete lack of "stuff" and in this instance I'm not fond of the minimalist style does not mean that I am wearing my "biased betsy" glasses and obviously live in an old library-esque building with dust motes in the air and stacks of old papers and books everywhere.

chantal says:

That window seat it beyond fab!

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