Posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

Oh my! Slats and sheds and simplicity and pavilions and pergolas and polycarbonate and oh my! Sun and shadow and solid and see through and repetition and raw. Seaview Avenue house by Melbourne architects Jackson Clement Burrows.

You know sometimes when you see fancy houses in the mags and you think 'oh, it's just the photography' .. or .. 'it wouldn't look like normally'. Well, I drove past this house the other day after seeing it in a mag (I think from memory HOUSES) .. and it REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE THIS. I obviously didn't go inside (they just ignored my 'please let me in' dribbly stare) – but the outside is perfectly designed and sits great on the site. They have done a magnificent job – and I'm glad I drove around to find it.

ps. Barwon Heads is rather small so it didn't take too long too find.
pps. if you do happen to try and find it, then you will be really excited to see another doozy of a house being built opposite. just go back in 6 months and check that out

ally23 says:

Wow, love those exterior shots!

I really love the contrast between the open slats in the first few images (house component 1) and then the wooden planks (house component 2). then combining the two with glass and steel is pure perfection!
Thank you for the inspiration, great post!

This is stunning and so original. The simplicity makes it striking.

Magnifique , j'aime cet esprit. C'est vraiment une belle idée! merci

I love the materials, proportions, and massing here, but wonder about the house's thermal performance. It seems the shell is but a thin membrane between inhabitants and the hot sun or chill air. This may be fine for a studio or sun porch, less fine for the main dwelling. Is information available on the house's insulation?

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