TVs on walls, B&O and Desire to Inspire

Posted on Wed, 15 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

What on earth do TVs on walls, Desire to Inspire and Bang & Olufsen have in common? Nothing much except the new BeoVision 10 website. OK OK I’ll preempt this post by saying that if you owned such a stylish TV as the BeoVision 10 you wouldn’t have to worry about how it looked on the wall but Bang & Olufsen have taken it to the next level and asked artist/architect Marco Evaristti and stylist and antiques dealer Anja Alfieri to create a room with what can only be described as television as piece of art. These are the results. Beautiful rooms! Inspirational Living. And Desire to Inspire? We are one of the blogs Bang & Olufsen are crazy about. Those Danes always had good taste 😉

Wall-mounted TV's are the new art and I love what they created here. Hiding the cables is a breeze – just run them behind the drywall and then have an exit point right above the outlets where no one can see em.

rooth says:

That TV is amazing – it's square!

B&O are having a competition to win a TV and styling! You have to go to the store to enter. Annnnd there is one in Toronto! Whaaa!? Amazing.

Thanks for this post – super cool tv.

sue says:

I looked at Evaristti's site and I find his exhibit "Helena" with goldfish in blenders to be utterly cruel.

Very cool. And I spy a sweet and sleek red record player. It must be B & O, right?

Lin says:

Sorry, I'm not buying it. TVs may be sleek, attractive, cleverly installed etc. but they are NOT "works of art." This term has been come a catch-all phrase for anything and everything that people find appealing and does a great disservice to actual art.

Ahsan says:

#Lin, what is "actual art" to you? I believe "art" is subjective. What a beautiful abstract painting to some may look garbage to others. What a piece of electronic to many may be an "art" to a few. Stop being pretentious and elitist. You can't fathom and qualify Art.

Having said that, I think this TV looks great in these styled up spaces.

Lin says:

Hi Ahsan,

To me, nothing could be more pretentious than pretending that a television is art. 🙂

(And by the way, there's no need to hurl insults at someone because they have a different point of view.)

Ahsan says:

I respect that you don't buy the idea of a beautifully made TV as an art. But shouldn't you also respect other people's point of view? You shouldn't categorically state "great disservice to actual art" because it insults and demeans their point of view. That term is pretentious and elitist, as if you know everything about art and they don't. No insults hurled here. Just reminding you there are a gazillion other opinions out there aside from yours.

steve mawson says:

What's with the dreadful blank white/orange bottom 30% of the screen ? Is that the B&O equivalent of those ghastly airconditoners with paisley pattern fronts that are supposed to be attractive ? TVs should be neither seen nor displayed as the centre of any room.

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