Where’s the bed?

Posted on Tue, 21 Feb 2012 by KiM

My brother-in-law sent me a great link from Treehugger (via Contemporist) to a brilliant way to hide a bed away when dealing with a small space. Point Architecture (based in Torino, Italy) hid a bed in a drawer-like space in the living room, creating sleeping quarters for the owners so their children could have the only bedroom in the apartment. This look so much easier to deal with than a Murphy bed. 

LOVE this idea! Very functional and innovative. The shelving on the wall is fabulous as well — great storage saver!

Trish says:

I love their twist on the hideaway. Why have a bed out 24/7 anyway? We only use them a few hours every night!

Chris says:


Matthew says:

I like the hidden bed too. This is perfect for a couple or someone that lives alone.

I can't say that I'm too fond of that large white entertainment cabinet right in the middle of the space though. And I hope they didn't raise the "living room" just for the purpose of hiding the bed. I think I'd rather see the bed hidden as a traditional murphy bed (folded-up against the wall) and have a more open single-level plan.

Rosy says:

I loooooove this bed and this space!!! Look at that ceiling! Minus the red, it is complete perfection. So much room for my books+vinyl. Sigh.

Jessica W says:

If they have a dining area, where is the kitchen?

Jessica W says:

Never mind the kitchen question. That room is apparently not the main dining area. There is a small table in the kitchen down the hall. But it does seem odd to have such a large table and then place a sleeping area in between it and the kitchen.

So cool! I love it!

I did the same thing in London, but the flat still felt cramped. Nowhere to skulk off and read…

Adriene says:

Not for me. I like a bedroom to be a private space, not in the middle of the livingroom. Creepy.

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