Stalking sticks and stones

Posted on Wed, 22 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

From its stone gabion front fence to its reed sticks at the back I’m real estate stalking this Edwardian home with modern extension in Richmond, Melbourne. I’ve only included the extension photos (and the transition along the original hallway) because sadly the real estate photos of the bedrooms and bathroom are rather plain and sad. Perhaps the bedrooms and bathroom are just plain and sad in real life. Do you often wonder if real estate photos are “strip styled” to the max? Declutter and hide = big bucks? Link here while it lasts.

Johanna says:

The fence with stones inside a metalnet is gorgeous! I have been planning something similar, but using round stones. Love it, love it!

Loving that green door! and front stone fence …. As well as the entire space.

Patrycja says:

Have you noticed that there is never a single toothbrush on professional bathroom photo shots?

Vanessa says:

I dunno about the front fence personally. it just looks like one of those retaining walls on the highway to me :o/ ps, I live in Tassie, maybe they only do that here?? lol!

eili says:

would do for me – with toothbrush!

steve mawson says:

Oh dear, I've seen that green door before just a little more recently

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